Planning Your Big Day On A Budget

When one thinks of weddings and wedding planning in general, one thinks of excessive spending. The reason for this is that everything associated with weddings is usually known to be extremely expensive. In fact many brides and grooms go through a lot of stress in the months that they spend planning their wedding because everything associated with weddings simply cost too much. 

Forget the rules, laws and traditions

If you were to do some research on the subject you will see that the only reason that women wear white ball gowns for their weddings is because Queen Victoria wore a white ball gown wedding and women have followed the same fashion trend for centuries after the royal wedding. Some people will associate this with virginity or purity but the truth is it is simply being done because women before them have done it and for no other reason at all. It is the same with handing out a wedding bomboniere Australia at the wedding, holding a bouquet of flowers and various other traditions that women have followed through the years without questioning their actions.

If you were to look at any wedding dress in a reliable wedding store you will notice just how expensive the dress is in comparison with any other dress in any other store. White dresses will normally cost ten to twenty times more than a dress of any other colour. The reason for this is that wedding stores are very much aware of how much money a woman is willing to spend to buy a white wedding dress for her wedding day without even the slightest idea as to why she is buying it just so she can follow in the footsteps of thousands of women before her.

You can even choose to stray away from traditional wedding invitations by creating your own personalized wedding invitation in the form of a small personalized note from you and your fiancé or choosing some other creative and therefore less expensive way to let your guests know that you are getting married and inviting them to the event.

One interesting way of inviting your guests to your wedding that is becoming popular today is to send a small cupcake with a small personalized note on it so that you will not be spending a big amount of money on the will eventually get thrown in the bin. Instead your guests will be able to enjoy the delicious treat that you have sent them while also getting the message about your wedding across.