Places To Host Your Big Day

One of the most essential aspects of planning your wedding is deciding on a location. Your choice of venue will decide on the other factors such as the kind of food you will serve, the type of cake and the décor and entertainment you will have at this special occasion.

Here are a few places to host your wedding

If you’re a water baby then this is the ideal location for you. Repeating your vows overlooking the mesmerizing ocean view would make a picture perfect memory to remember. The theme should also be organized in a manner to match the venue. Including décor with a quirky sign boards and a dancefloor to match the theme. However, if you do not prefer an outdoor theme, there are several hotels and banquet halls with a beach view wherein wedding receptions Melbourne can be hosted, therefore you may opt for such a venue as well, visit

If your idea is to have a luxurious and extravagant one, then hosting your big day at a banquet hall of a 5 star hotel would be ideal. The hotels usually consist of small conference venues which can be utilized for smaller events prior to the wedding whereas you can hire the main hall for the big day. An added advantage of hosting at a hotel is that they provide packages which include food, beverages, cake and entertainment depending on the budget and requirements of the client. Thus, making the planning process easier for the couple.

The idea of an outdoor wedding surrounded by lush greenery may sound surreal, but there are certain aspects which you must take care of. Firstly, ensure that you check the local weather forecast for that day, in order to ensure that you may make arrangements to avoid any mishaps caused by the weather. In addition, make sure that the venue which you are renting for your big day provides all the facilities which you require. However, an advantage of having it outdoor is that Mother Nature provides a natural setup which only requires a bit of tweaking with your décor. You could opt for a floral or rustic themed décor to suit the natural background.

Think out of the box
You do not have to necessarily get married at the mainstream places. You could choose a unique location which is significant to you and your to be spouse. It could be a place where you first met or a venue which you both love to visit. You don’t have to be the typical boring couple, you could opt for a crazy choice when it comes to your wedding location, such as a theme park or a museum or a club. These options may sound wacky, but it will definitely set your wedding apart from the others.
There are a wide range of options to choose from when deciding on your wedding. However you must ensure that your chosen venue can accommodate the number of guests you plan on inviting and that it can provide the facilities you require. But the most important thing is that you must enjoy your special day regardless of whether you are able to host it at a venue of your choice or not.